Analyst Coverage

Name & Company Email & Website Phone

Patrick J. O’Rourke, Analyst
AltaCorp Capital

(403) 539-8615

Garett Ursu, Analyst
Cormark Securities Inc.

(403) 750-7221

Michael Murphy, P.Geol, Senior Associate

(403) 515-1540

Dan Grager, Analyst
Peters & Co.

(403) 261-2243

Cameron Bean, Analyst
Scotia Capital

(403) 218-6786

Chris Cox, CFA
Raymond James

(403) 509-0523

Kirk Wilson, Analyst
Beacon Securities

(403) 910-5379

Cody R. Kwong, Analyst
GMP Firstenergy

(403) 262-0638
Keith Mackey, CFA, Analyst
RBC Capital Markets

(403) 299-6958

Readers are cautioned that the above list of analysts who cover Delphi Energy Corp. (“Delphi”) is provided as a service only. Delphi believes but does not guarantee that the list of analysts is comprehensive. All the above contact information has been posted with permission.