Bigstone Montney

Delphi Energy Corp.’s Bigstone Montney property is located 150 kilometres southeast of the city of Grande Prairie Alberta.  The Company has the capability to grow production here to 22,000 boe/d by 2019 utilizing our existing major infrastructure.

Delphi has successfully developed Bigstone with extended reach horizontal wells and unique slickwater fracing technologies with a considerable material capital cost advantage over our competitors.


  • Top decile gas rate wells with > 5 mmcf/d IP30’s
  • Drilling program is moving west into ultra-rich condensate region
  • East Bigstone – development / manufacturing stage
  • West Bigstone – industry activity greatly derisking the region
  • South Bigstone – extensive exploration opportunity for expansion


Bigstone Montney Characteristics

Scalable and Repeatable World-Class Play

  • Southeast corner of the unconventional Montney trend
  • Continuous hydrocarbon system top to bottom

Porous and Permeable

  • Nearby deltaic sediment supply
  • Relatively high permeability with a fine sand/silt reservoir
  • Relatively high porosity ranging from 4% to 12%

Liquids Rich

  • Field condensate yields at over 55 bbl/mmcf; recent yields materially higher
  • Significant additional liquids extracted through gas processing

Large Resource in Place

  • Thickness of 100 metres and increasing to the west
  • Multiple layers of pay to develop