Delphi's Bigstone Montney Program

  • One of the largest Montney landowners on mapsheet
  • Continue to grow Montney production, reserves and undeveloped land position at Bigstone
  • Leader in the evolution of the liquids-rich play
  • Continue to accelerate program with robust economics, shortened payouts and significant unbooked value
  • At Q3 2013, successfully drilled, completed and brought on production seven Montney horizontal wells at Bigstone

East Bigstone: 58.5 sections

At Q3 2013, the first three Montney wells at East Bigstone, stimulated with the new slickwater hybrid fracturing technique, continue to exceed expectations:

  • 10-27 well: produced approximately 245,000 boe, at an average rate of 1,364 boe/d over the first 180 days of production
  • 16-23 well: produced approximately 168,000 boe at an average rate of 1,395 boe/d over the first 120 days of production
  • 15-24 well: averaged 5.1 mmcf/d raw with total NGL production of 152 bbls/mmcf sales for a total of 1,452 boe/d over the first 15 days of production

At Q3 2013, completion operations commenced at the 15-30 well. The 15-30 well was drilled to a record horizontal lateral length of 3,014 metres in 30 days.

West Bigstone: 27 sections

  • 1 producing well
  • 100% working interest
  • 45 API light oil discovered
  • Will require +100 to develop the light oil play

In Q2 2012, a major oil and gas producer has recently licensed four Montney drilling locations offsetting Delphi’s Montney interest lands at Bigstone. The horizontal well license is less than two miles east of Delphi’s Bigstone West land block and one vertical location is only 200 metres west of these same lands, accelerating efforts to optimize and de-risk the Montney oil and gas resource on Delphi’s 27 sections in Bigstone West.

South Bigstone: 32.5 sections

At Q3 2013, concluded drilling operations on the South Bigstone strat test and 11-17 horizontal Montney well as part of the previously announced industry farm-in. The well will be completed, equipped and pipeline connected in 2014.

Gething Program

In the first nine months of 2012, drilled 6 gross (5.5 net) wells which were primarily focused on the Bigstone Montney and Gething developments.

North West Alberta
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