Delphi's Bigstone Montney Program

  • One of the largest Montney landowners on mapsheet
  • Continue to grow Montney production, reserves and undeveloped land position at Bigstone
  • Leader in the evolution of the liquids-rich play
  • Continue to accelerate program with robust economics, shortened payouts and significant unbooked value

East Bigstone: 78 sections

  • Held four sections of legacy Montney rights below existing DEE production
  • Added 12 sections of Montney rights through acquisitions and farm-in 2011/2012
  • Farm-in adds an additional 2.5 sections (75% WI)
  • Acquisition added 30 gross (89% WI)
  • Recent farm-in adds 10 sections (100% WI)
  • Recent Crown sales and acquisitions add 10 sections
  • Recent acquisition of 8.0 sections (3.5 net) added Sept/14

West Bigstone: 27 sections

  • Acquired (100% WI) in 2010/2011
  • Liquids-rich Upper Montney being de-risked at West Bigstone
  • Upper and middle Montney thicken
    • Natural gas is sweet to marginally sour
    • Condensate and NGL yields appear greatter than East Bigstone
  • Slickwater "frac design" being perfected
  • 26.3 sections of Cretaceous added Sept/14
    • Includes strategic infrastructure

South Bigstone: 33 sections

  • Farm-in added an additional 33 sections (75% WI)
  • Includes Nordegg / Montney rights, excludes all Duverney rights.

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